5 key considerations for your digital marketing strategy in 2024

Hey there, it’s Kyle from Innova the Creative Techs!

Can you believe it? We’ve already ended the first month of 2024. Time flies, and if you’re like many business owners, your grand marketing plans for the year might just be taking a backseat already. 

Today, I want to shed light on 5 key considerations for your 2024 digital marketing strategy, especially if you’re a small to medium-sized business here in Port Elizabeth. And if you’re already one of our clients, don’t worry – these are things we’re already incorporating into your strategies.

1. The Resurgence of Websites: While social media has been in the spotlight, websites are making a comeback. Take a look at yours – is it aligned with your business goals, does it accurately represent your current offering and is it convincing enough to get prospects to make contact.

2. Google My Business and Reviews: Reviews are more relevant than ever. They heavily influence buying decisions. Implement a review management strategy, because, let’s face it, if you don’t, the negative reviews might be the only ones you get. 

3. Social Media as an Expectation: Social Media is no longer optional – it’s an expectation. We have had many leaders in their industries in Port Elizabeth come to us lately because they have been called out by their customers for not being active on social – or even worse, people not knowing who they are. 

4. Authentic Content and Storytelling: Yes, the end goal of marketing is sales, but using social media solely as an advertising board won’t cut it in 2024. While promotional content supports your strategy, social media thrives on authentic, behind-the-scenes content. This builds brand trust and reputation which is critical in Port Elizabeth where people do business with people.

5. Data-Driven Strategy: The real magic happens when you integrate your website, Google, socials and mailers effectively and look at them as a whole. Unfortunately, sometimes budget or time limitations don’t always allow you to give them all attention. So, track and analyse the data month to month and year on year, so you can maximise your efforts on what is giving the best results.

So there you have it – five essentials for your 2024 digital marketing strategy. If you have any questions or need assistance, we’re just a call away.