Our History

Where it all began, how it evolved and where we are heading. 

2006 - The Beginnings

In 2006, fresh out of computer programming studies, I dove into the world of development. Yet, the daily grind of staring at a screen didn’t quite fit my style. So, I made a shift, becoming a printer technician. Through hard work, I swiftly climbed the ladder, eventually ending up as an IT specialist at a major IT service provider.

2011 - Embracing Change

In 2011, amidst ongoing retrenchment rounds and the looming fear of being just another number, I took a chance. I shifted to a smaller IT company, stepping into the shoes of a guy named Rick. Surprisingly, Rick made a comeback, and we found ourselves working closely together. Turns out, Rick brought more to the table than I expected—serious commitment, passion, and brains, laying the groundwork for a dynamic partnership.

2012 - A Critical Move

In 2012, I decided to shake things up. I took on a new  position where I was tasked with building an IT company for a group of privately owned businesses, it was a challenge I couldn’t resist. Working closely with the CEO, I got a crash course in the art of running multiple successful businesses. It was a hands-on experience that set the stage for the journey ahead.

2014 - The Start of Digital

In 2014, as marketing started to move fast towards digital , I jumped in. I started advising the group’s marketing company on internet marketing. It was this cool mix of IT, business, and marketing—basically, everything I loved. Before long, I found myself leading the marketing business. To balance things out, Rick came on board to handle the nitty-gritty of IT operations.

2017 - A Garage and a Vision

Back in September 2017, I felt it was time for a change. I handed the reins over to Rick and set up shop in my garage. All I had was a vision for Innova.

Starting up wasn’t a walk in the park. Companies hesitated to switch IT providers, but there was a spark of interest in digital marketing. So, I offered it for free, demonstrated its value, and soon enough, referrals started rolling in. It was a humble beginning with a big dream.

2018 - Building Momentum

After our first year, things were looking up. We landed some great clients, and instead of taking a salary, we poured it back into the business. That meant growing our team, and one key addition was bringing Rick into the mix.

We caught onto the digital marketing wave. Our team became a powerhouse, focusing on social media, Google, web, design, branding, videography, and photography. It wasn’t just about offering services; it was about building a crew that could tackle anything in the digital realm.

2020 - Navigating the Storm

COVID hit us hard. We lost some clients, but in the chaos of it all, something unexpected happened—we gained new clients. As everything shifted online, we adapted, and against the odds, we pulled through. Resilience, adaptability, and a bit of grit got us on the other side.

2021 - Rick steps up

In a pivotal moment for Innova, 2021 saw Rick officially taking the reins as Director. With a focus on all things technical, Rick stepped into a leadership role. It wasn’t just about putting pen to paper; it was about entrusting the technical helm to someone whose dedication and expertise have become integral to our journey.

2022 - Growing Up and Streamlining

In 2022, we said goodbye to the garages—we needed more room. Upgrading to proper offices felt like the natural next step. But we didn’t stop there. We took a good look at what we excel at and decided to go all-in.

We started subcontracting or referring video and photography gigs. Design projects? Only if they’re part of a bigger digital marketing strategy. It turned out to be one of our smartest moves.

Focusing on what we do best—Websites, Social Media, and Google—was a game-changer. No more distractions, no trying to be everything to everyone. Just honing our skills and building solid systems and strategies. And you know what? It worked. Simple as that.

2023 - Our Journey So Far

In 2023, our journey continues with another year of growth. We’ve become the trusted go-to digital marketing company for top businesses in the Eastern Cape and beyond.

 Our vision is crystal clear—to be the absolute awesomest digital marketing agency to our team and our clients

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has played a part in our story.


Kyle Rehse

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