Google My Business Tip: How you can create a shortcut link


In today’s video, I want to talk about the great benefit of using Google My Business and one of its features. The one benefit of using Google My Business is using a short name, basically, a way to have your name on Google but to assist in getting your users to find you a lot quicker.

The benefit of it would be if you are trying to increase your reviews of your business. We all know the importance of online reviews, for when users search products, services or a company. The way to use this feature to your benefit is to create a short name link and send it to your customers that you have previously interacted with, by sending them a thank you email and pasting this link into the email and asking them to give you a review by clicking the link provided.

This URL, which is your short name on your Google, would take your customer directly to the review block on GMB instead of asking the user to go through and search for your GMB page.

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