Social Media Updates

It has been a crazy month for businesses adapting to working from home. Social media platforms have responded to this by adding a few new features available to users, businesses and marketers.

Messenger for Desktop

Just like WhatsApp for desktop, Messenger is now an app you can download on your desktop. It can allow for up to 50 people on a call, with 6 of them using video and the remainder on audio only. Great business CRM tool.

Instagram has released ‘resources for businesses to use during COVID-19

An example of this would be the order now button, for business to link their Uber Eats accounts to their images on Instagram.

Facebook is bringing live guests back

They removed this feature in December but have since brought it back for users to invite people to join them on a live video without having to use a plugin tool. Live videos in the last month have had 800 million people engage with them. As you’ll always hear us at Innova say, Live Videos are the way to go, it’s the style of video done the least, but it receives the most engagement.

Quiet mode

Just like plane mode, it silences notifications to our phones. This is Facebook’s way of looking after its users’ mental health and making their time spent on the app more engaging and intentional.


A video call space hosted in Messenger, in response to all of us using Zoom and Teams, etc. Facebook has created a space where users can spontaneously get together for an unlimited time. Calls can be scheduled too. Rooms are still in their testing phase but they will eventually live above stories in our newsfeed.
It is no surprise that these platforms are making these changes to the user experience, as we all shift to the new norm. It’s important for you as a business to stay up to date so you can update your marketing strategy accordingly and make sure of these features.