Be aware of this ‘page like invite’ post on Facebook
I’m sure by now you have seen the post making its rounds on Facebook, where business owners are asking their friends to invite people to like their business page. We would just like to warm you of how this could be damaging to your brand, although the idea behind the posts may be good, we want to encourage you to be mindful and be intentional about who your business is engaging with on Facebook.

If you do this, you are in fact watering down your Facebook following, your page likes is a vein metric and an inflate sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day it’s not about how many people like your page on Facebook, it’s about who you are talking to. So for example, if you’re a service provider in the Eastern Cape or Port Elizabeth and you are now inviting your old High School teacher who lives in England and does not require and would not be able to make use of your services, the request is irrelevant.

If you’re spending money on your digital marketing you will be aware of Facebook’s Relevance Score after boosting post or campaign, if you have random people like your Facebook Page, this score will not be what you want it to be. Ideally you’d like it between 7-10 out of 10, if you have random people following your page, it will be difficult to achieve this.

Be mindful of asking friends to invite their whole communities to like your business page, because like we know the point of Facebook is to connect us with friends and family all over the world and unless your service and product is available worldwide and everyone is your target market, then this is a waste of time for you.

We’ve drafted alternative text for you to use, should you wish to do this, asking your friends to invite the right people to like your page, so that the referral is intentional.

Suggested Text:

COVID-19 is going to have an affect on us all and a lot of small business. I would like to ask a HUGE favour. It will only take a minute of your time ????
Go to my business page:
(Insert you business page link)
Scroll across the top to the right, go to ‘COMMUNITY’
Select those who you think would be a potential customer of my business.
– it’s as simple as that –
COMMENT DONE & I’ll do the same for your business!
Supporting small businesses doesn’t require spending money. It’s as simple as sharing, liking and promoting us to the RIGHT people! Your intentional referral really means a lot!