What is Facebook Business Manager?

Today I’m going to do a quick chat about what is Facebook Business Manager and why you should be using it if you’re a business.

So Facebook Business Manager is Facebook’s tool for centrally managing all your business pages, ads as well as permissions for people or agencies who assist you with running your Facebook marketing efforts. Many people are confused by what and how it works so I think the best way to explain it is to see it as a container that wraps around all your Facebook pages and ads for your business and separates it from your personal Facebook profile.

Why should you use it?

Firstly – access. When onboarding clients we have encountered a few issues such as
Someone in the company initially set up the Facebook page, was the only person with admin rights, they leave the company and no one can get hold of them OR
Admin access is granted to someone in the company who assists with running the Facebook page then things go sour with that employee and they remove all other admins from the page and take it “hostage”. We’ve had similar situations where a marketing company sets up and runs your page for you and refuses to give you access when you are no longer happy with their services and want to move on to another provider.

With Facebook Business Manager you have full ownership of all your pages and associated assets and even if you assign someone as an admin on your page, they still won’t be able to remove you because you own the page through business manager.

It is also designed to work with marketing agencies so you can grant access to your marketing agency’s Business Manager so you don’t have to worry about adding individual people with different roles. If you decide to stop working with that agency, you can just simply remove their access.

Secondly on why you should use Business Manager – if you are currently doing any boosting or thinking about running ads on Facebook, Business Manager has much more flexibility, control and insight when it comes to different ad types, placements, objectives and audiences.

Thirdly, if you are serious about your digital marketing efforts you are more than likely to have a website which you want to send people to. Business Manager allows you to create what is called a Facebook Pixel which is small piece of code you load onto your website which helps to keep track of all the visitors to your site and allows you to create audiences for retargeting them later based on what they viewed on your website. Facebook Pixel can give you some very detailed insight into the types of customers visiting your website which is always very handy to know for future marketing efforts.

These are just some of the reasons you should be using Facebook Business Manager and it is capable of doing a lot more than just the things mentioned today.

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